Rhizo 15 Subjectives as Opposed to Objectives

In the second week, our prompt is to write about course subjectives, rather than course objectives.  Since rhizomatic learning involves a process without set beginning or end, I take this as an invitation to be somewhat loose about temporal scope, beginning with the near team and proceeding to the far, far away.

“To make a wary peace with the new century.” To come to terms with social media. To learn to blog. Occasionally to tweet.

To detonate my writer’s block.  To still my inner critic long enough to write. Then let the hot pressed blog entry chill a while before posting, but not so long it stales. To check the expiration date on canned ingredients. Before clicking “publish”, to ask myself again: who will I be serving?

To overcome my fears of becoming a student again and feeling stupid. To find relief from workplace isolation. To experience once more the light and warmth of different, but somewhat kindred hearts and minds.

To find ways to change the world and change myself without losing my self.

To create personal learning networks that will illuminate the constellations of what I want or need to know: ecology, poetry, philosophy, statistics, political economy, drama, story telling, game creation, chaos theory, dinosaurs.

To make sure my son will have also this skill. For he will need it more.

To pass on to my son, who seems to want to play games all day, what it’s like to have an idea and take responsibility for it.





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